Germany, Federalism and Covid-19

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Wednesday 10 March 2021 | 13:00 GMT; 14:00 CET; 12:30-08:00 EST



This event is part of the “Turn on Federalism series”, a cooperation between Hanns Seidel Foundation and 50 Shades of Federalism.


Coronavirus, and the connected illness known as Covid-19, has been grippling the globe since February 2020, and remains the most important policy issue in many countries. Dealing with a global pandemic, and a new form of security threat, has affected all countries, and raised fundamental questions about health care, intergovernmental cooperation and the preparedness of countries for global disasters.

After the welcome address by HSF Chairman Markus Ferber, MEP, this session will focus on the Covid-19 crisis from the perspective of the German Land Bavaria (Bayern). In German federalism, the Länder are responsible for many aspects of disaster management, including their ability to declare a state of emergency, manage lockdowns and deal with education policies.


Speakers will discuss the following questions:

. How did Bavaria deal with the Covid-19 crisis, and what challenges emerged in German federalism?

. What are some important lessons learned for Germany and Bavaria for future disasters?

. How has coronavirus changed German federalism?


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Written by Juline Beaujouan

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