Society Officers

The IASGP is managed by an international team of officers committed to supporting the association’s members and promoting German studies.

Ed Turner


Ross Campbell

Joint Secretary

Johannes Blumenberg


Former Chairs of the Association

1974-75 Prof. Roger Morgan, formerly Royal Institute for International Affairs
1975-77 Prof. William E. Paterson, currently Director, Institute for German Studies, Birmingham
1977-78 Dr. Geoffrey Roberts, formerly Manchester University (formerly UMIST)
1978-79 Prof. Roger Tilford, formerly University of Bradford
1979-81 Prof. Kenneth Dyson, University of Cardiff
1981-86 Prof. David Childs, Nottingham University
1986-88 Prof. Gordon Smith, Professor Emeritus, LSE †
1988-90 Dr. Günther Kloss, UMIST
1990-93 Prof. Eva Kolinsky, Keele University †
1993-96 Prof. Stephen Padgett, University of Strathclyde (formerly Liverpool and Essex Universities)
1996-99 Prof. Karl Koch, Professor Emeritus, South Bank University
1999-2002 Prof. Charlie Jeffery, formerly Birmingham University
2002-05 Prof. Emil Kirchner, University of Essex
2005-08 Prof. Charlie Jeffery, University of Edinburgh
2008-11 Prof. Simon Green, Aston University
2011-14 Prof. Charles Lees, formerly University of Bath
2014-18 Prof. Dan Hough, University of Sussex


Former Honorary Presidents of the Association

Lord Dahrendorf - House of Lords, United Kingdom 
Prof. Dr. Kurt Sontheimer - Universität München, Germany
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gibowski - Universität Mannheim, Germany
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Streeck - Max-Planck-Institut für Gesellshaftforschung, Köln, Germany



Association Officers

Co-ordinator:Juline Beaujouan

Honorary President: Dr. Jackson Janes, Executive Director, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies
Honorary Vice-President: Wolfgang G. Gibowski, Universität Potsdam 
Honorary Vice-President: Prof. Charlie Jeffery, University of Edinburgh 
Honorary Vice-President: Prof. William E. Paterson, Institute for German Studies, Birmingham 
Honorary Vice-President: Prof. Peter Pulzer, All Souls College, University of Oxford 
Honorary Vice-President: Prof. Gordon Smith, LSE †


Ordinary Members of the Executive

Alister Miskimmon - Queen's University Belfast, Irland
Charlotte Galpin - University of Birmingham, England
Jakub Eberle - IIR Prague, Czech Republic 
Jonathan Olsen - Texas Women's University, United States
Katy Crossley-Frolick - Denison University, United States 
Louise Davidson-Schmich - University of Miami, United States
Melanie Kintz - Chemnitz University, Germany
Sarah Wiliarty - Wesleyan University, United States


Ex Officio

Prof. Thomas Saalfeld, University of Kent

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