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The focus of the IASGP is on German-speaking states, and not solely on Germany. To this end, specialists on the former GDR, Austria and Switzerland are active within the Association and add to its expertise.

A Brief History

The Association for the Study of German Politics (ASGP) was established in 1974 to promote the study and teaching of German politics, economics and society, in the widest possible context, amongst new and established scholars within the United Kingdom and further afield.

The IASGP has been created by a merger between the UK-based Association for the Study of German Politics and the US-based German Politics Association German-speaking form a new association that is unique in bringing together scholars from Europe and North America into a common collaborative academic network.

The IASGP builds on the strong network established by the ASGP, and extends the focus of the academic network to a global scholarly grouping. The IASGP also encourages graduate students to take an active interest in the German-speaking states of Europe through participation in events, workshops and conferences.

Our Journal

Challenges of globalisation, changes in international relations, and the widening and deepening of the European Union and more exciting subjects.

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Our Constitution

Gain a better understanding of our objectives, our terms of membership and how we manage ourselves.

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