IASGP Annual Conference 2020

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46th Annual Conference  –  “German politics in the new millenium”

Conference Programme to come



2020 promises to be another fascinating year in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. German takes on the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2020, while there are growing questions about who will succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel, and indeed the future of the grand coalition government following the SPD’s change of leadership.  Its party system seems to be reshaping, with the Greens on the rise and the AfD seemingly becoming established. There are growing questions about its role in the world too: conflict with the USA over trade, Russia and military expenditure call into question its commitment to the Transatlantic alliance.  In Austria, a new ÖVP/Green government has taken office after a tumultuous year, and Switzerland too is working through the consequences of its recent elections.

In the light of those events and in collaboration with the Düsseldorf Party Research Institute  (PRuF), the 46th annual conference of the International Association for the Study of German Politics seeks to understand German politics, and the politics of other German-speaking countries, as we enter the new millennium. Papers addressing any aspect of German politics and international relations will be welcome, as will papers on the politics of other German-speaking countries.  You should be prepared to circulate a written version of the paper at least two weeks before the conference.  The Association especially encourages women, and young scholars from around the world to submit their papers.


As in previous years, the IASGP will keep the conference fee, including conference dinner and other refreshments, low. Travel bursaries will be provided to postgraduate students and others who would face a financial barrier to participation, to enable them to give papers. Furthermore, financial provision will be made available to those who need to organise childcare in Düsseldorf to facilitate attendance at the conference.

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